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Rilla Mill Methodist Chapel

First burial in 1873

Chapel ceased to be used for worship in 2012 and is currently under development as a retreat.  Burial ground retained and still in use although gravestones have been re-aligned.

Wesleyan Church, Rilla Mill

Lat/Long: 50.489322, -4.467351


SurnameNameSectionGrave Id
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AndersonPatricia JoanG1View Details
ArscottEvelyn RoseH9View Details
ArscottMary HannahH5View Details
BartlettAlvina MaryH6View Details
BartlettGraceD130View Details
BartlettWilliam ThomasE13View Details
BateWilliamB117View Details
BennettJaneB1B1View Details
BillingWilliam R.B.H14View Details
BlakeFrankG19View Details
BlythJamesB11View Details
BlythThomasB12View Details
BolithoAlan Willim JohnH1View Details
BolithoCarol AnnH2View Details
BolithoPhyllis MaryH3View Details
BolithoWilliam Arthur JohnH4View Details
BondSamuelA13View Details
BondWilliamC112View Details
BowesNormanH8View Details
BrimacombeElizaD119View Details
BrimacombeWilliam JohnD118View Details
BudgeCharlesH22View Details
BudgeLoveday HannahH23View Details
ChalmersEllenG35View Details
ChalmersMary F. B.G31View Details
ChalmersWilliam A.G36View Details
CossentineThomasA111View Details
CouchMaudG30View Details
Cov??Mary BodyE14View Details
CrappHerbertE11View Details
CrappMarkD123View Details
CrazeRebeccaA15View Details
CundyJaneA16View Details
DarkThomas D122View Details
DavyHilda MayC118,19View Details
DawGraceD124View Details
DawNicholasC133,34View Details
DawRichard D120View Details
DaweEllenC126View Details
DaweWilliam C120,21View Details
DingleyJeffry WilliamB110View Details
DoneyCatherineE17View Details
DoneyJamesD129View Details
DoneyRichard Henry JamesE123View Details
DoneySidney JohnE122View Details
EdwardsElizabethE19View Details
EdwardsElizabeth AnnD121View Details
EdwardsRichard D126,27View Details
EdwardsRichardE110View Details
EvensThomasH42View Details
FaullHenryE115View Details
FullerAnnaH7View Details
GatheridgeWilliam PalmerC114View Details
GoldsworthySamuelE113View Details
GoyinsThomas D125View Details
GuestJohannahC123,24View Details
GuscottAlbert JohnG5View Details
HamEdward RogerG43View Details
HamJohn BarryG41View Details
HamJohn ChapmanG40View Details
HardsErnest WilliamG10View Details
HarveyLouisaE117View Details
HawkeMary MariaB13View Details
HicksFanny HoskinC129,30View Details
HicksJohnE112View Details
HicksRebeccaE12View Details
HicksThomasE18View Details
HicksWilliam E15View Details
HoareMary HC131,32View Details
HobbsElizabethB111View Details
HobbsJohnB112View Details
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