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St Cleer General Cemetery

St Cleer General Cemetery DEDICATED on the 26th day of July 1864 to the use of various religious Dissenting Denominations in the neighbourhood and the Public Generally. PURCHASED AND WORKED by voluntary contributions and profits arising from the sale of Graves. MANAGED by twenty Trustees who are bound to present the accounts to an annual Meeting. If any time: profits above the working expences should arise. The public, and not the Trustees to have the benefit of the same.

Lat/Long: 50.489322, -4.467351


ABBOTTSidneyC816View Details
ABBOTTWilliam Jno.C816View Details
ABRAHAMEliza JaneB114View Details
ABRAHAMEmilyB1125View Details
ABRAHAMJaneC54View Details
ABRAHAMJosiah GeoC54View Details
ABRAHAMLucretiaB1125View Details
ABRAHAMRebeccaB114View Details
ABRAHAMRobertB02upView Details
ABRAHAMThomasB1125View Details
ALFORDCecily Charlotte Lilian MabelC1921View Details
ALFORDJohnA3020View Details
ALFORDRyan JamesA438View Details
ALLENAnnA2819View Details
ALLENDorothy W KC1913View Details
ALLENEdmund WilliamC1122View Details
ALLENEllenC157View Details
ANDREWSCharlesB1615View Details
ANGEARMary ElizabethA3615 DView Details
ANGEARThomas W P A3615View Details
ANGOVEAnnB312View Details
ANGOVEJamesB310View Details
ANGOVEJaneA367View Details
ANGOVEJohnB38View Details
ANGOVERichardA216View Details
ANGOVEWilliam JohnA367View Details
ANVOVEMaryA216View Details
ARNOLDEdithA327View Details
ARNOLDJohn HenryA326View Details
ARNOLDLouisa AnneA326View Details
ARNOLDThomas HenryA406View Details
ARNOLDWilliam JohnA327 DView Details
ARNOLDWinifred EA406 DView Details
ASHJohnC134View Details
ASHMary JaneC134View Details
ASHWilliam John ErnestC134View Details
ASHWELLJoseph William GeorgeC2111View Details
ASHWELLWinefred CharlotteC2111View Details
ATKINSHarriet AnnC1321View Details
ATKINSMarkC1321View Details
AVENTBessieA3514 DView Details
AVENTWilliam GeorgeA3514View Details
BALLEdith EA3513View Details
BALLEdwin John A3513View Details
BALLJohnB815View Details
BALLThomasA4115View Details
BALLWilliam HenryC153View Details
BANTMaryA292View Details
BANTWilliamA292View Details
BARNACUTTJohnB1625View Details
BARNECUTElizabethB1421View Details
BARNECUTElizabeth DoneyB1625View Details
BARNECUTFlorenceC75View Details
BARNECUTHarrietA07View Details
BARNECUTJohn HicksA71View Details
BARNECUTJosephC1117View Details
BARNECUTMarthaA276View Details
BARNECUTMinnieC226View Details
BARNECUTPollyB1626View Details
BARNECUTSamuel HicksA71View Details
BARNECUTThomas DaveyB1626View Details
BARNECUTWilliam ThomasA276View Details
BARNICOTTJoseph HB1625View Details
BARNICOTTSusan JaneA06View Details
BARNICUTTLucy AA177View Details
BARNICUTTMary GC225View Details
BASSETTMargaretta Ladysmith VenettaC1624View Details
BATEAda MillsC818View Details
BATEElizabethC1218View Details
BATEGeorgeC1221 DView Details
BATEGeorgeC55View Details
BATEJuly.C56View Details
BATEMaudC818View Details
BATEMaude MaryC2112View Details
BATEMinnie MillsC1220View Details
BATEMinnie WillsC55View Details
BATESarah Ann MillsC56View Details
BATEWilliam James MillsC1219View Details
BATTENCharlotteB83View Details
BATTENEliza AnnC2013View Details
BATTENElsie BeatriceB86View Details
BATTENJohn P PB81View Details
BATTENJohn RichardB83View Details
BATTENMary EmmaB84View Details
BATTENSeallyB82View Details
BATTENWalter JC2013View Details
BATTENWilliam HerbertB81View Details
BATTEN~~~~~~~B81View Details
BATTONClara CharlotteB81View Details
BAWDENFrederickA02View Details
BAWDENHedleyA3713View Details
BAWDENMary AnnC914View Details
BAWDENMiss E AC172View Details
BAWDENWilliamC914View Details
BEALEEthel MayA3819View Details
BECKERSarahC917View Details
BELITHOJerushaA187View Details
BELLRINGERBeatrice MaryC153View Details
BENNETTAnnie DeaconA309View Details
BENNETTElizabethA3210View Details
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