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St. Melor’s, Linkinhorne

St. Melor’s

The church stands at the South Eastern end of the parish, which is one of the largest in Cornwall and extends up on to Bodmin Moor, several miles to the west.
The name was originally LANKINHORNE or LANKYNHORNE – “the church in the corner” according to Bannister.
The dedication is to St. Melor, Mellor or Milonus, a son of Melianus, Duke of Cornwall said to have been martyred in 411 (he is shown with halo, sword and palm in a modern window in the North aisle)


SurnameNameSectionGrave No
C24View Details
H20View Details
G57AView Details
G61AView Details
(BrokenMemorial)JAEB12View Details
AdamsGraceC15View Details
AdamsJohnC16View Details
AlfordEdwardC19View Details
AlfordWilliamC14View Details
AllenAnn AlfordC28View Details
AllenRobertC26View Details
AllenRobertC29View Details
AllenWilliam AC37View Details
Allen JuniorRobertC27View Details
AndersonPatricia JoanG1View Details
AndrawathaJaneD62View Details
AndrawathaJohnD61View Details
ArscottEvelyn RoseH9View Details
ArscottMary HannahH5View Details
AungerGeorgeB13View Details
AungerRichardB14View Details
BallAnthonyC9View Details
BallEleanorC5View Details
BallJamesC6View Details
BallPhillipeInside Church1View Details
BartlettAlvina MaryH6View Details
BartlettBasilD48View Details
BartlettJaneA19View Details
BartlettJohnF39View Details
BartlettOwenG61View Details
BartlettWilliamB20View Details
BasilJohnE13View Details
BateChristianB39View Details
BateChristianaB34View Details
BateDigoryB3View Details
BateDigoryB4View Details
BateDigoryB40View Details
BateElizabethB36View Details
BateHannahB2View Details
BateJaneE64View Details
BateJohnB50View Details
BateJohnB5View Details
BateMary AnnB1View Details
Bate Jnr.DigoryB41View Details
BeardThomasA10View Details
BeerJohnD77View Details
BennettBetsyF22View Details
BennettCharles TurnerD10View Details
BennettEdmondF23View Details
BennettEdwardE41View Details
BennettElizabethE31View Details
BennettJohnB7View Details
BennettJohnB18View Details
BennettJosephB8View Details
BennettMaryB19View Details
BennettPhilipF5View Details
BennettSamuelF32View Details
BennettWilliamF31View Details
BickfordElizabeth AnnB30View Details
BillingWilliam R.B.H14View Details
BinnickJohnE6View Details
BlackmoreIanD44View Details
BlackmoreRosemaryD45View Details
BlakeFrankG19View Details
BodyJohnF13View Details
BolithoAlec William JohnH1View Details
BolithoCarol AnnH2View Details
BolithoPhyllis MaryH3View Details
BolithoWilliam Arthur JohnH4View Details
BooltRichardF19View Details
BosanquetCapt. Armatage PercyInside Church20View Details
BosanquetGreat War VictimsInside Church10View Details
BosanquetViolet EleanorA13View Details
BowesNormanH8View Details
BrentWilliam RobertG63View Details
BrimmellGeorgeB58View Details
BroadlakEdwardInside Church3View Details
BrownJohnF33View Details
BucklerJimG27View Details
BudgeCharlesH22View Details
BudgeEdwardD41View Details
BudgeFredaH21View Details
BudgeLoveday HannahH23View Details
BurnafordAnnF35View Details
BurnafordAnnF49View Details
BurnafordJohnF37View Details
BurnburyJohnA3View Details
BurrowsAliceE49View Details
BusbyYvonneH53View Details
CarkeetCatherineB10View Details
CarkeetWilliamB11View Details
ChalmersEllenG35View Details
ChalmersMary F. B.G31View Details
ChalmersWilliam A.G36View Details
ChapmanEllenA5View Details
ChapmanGeorgeA6View Details
ChapmanJoannahD79View Details
ChapmanJohnD73View Details
ChapmanWilliamD58View Details
ChapmanWilliam GeorgeA11View Details
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