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St. Melor’s, Linkinhorne

St. Melor’s

The church stands at the South Eastern end of the parish, which is one of the largest in Cornwall and extends up on to Bodmin Moor, several miles to the west.
The name was originally LANKINHORNE or LANKYNHORNE – “the church in the corner” according to Bannister.
The dedication is to St. Melor, Mellor or Milonus, a son of Melianus, Duke of Cornwall said to have been martyred in 411 (he is shown with halo, sword and palm in a modern window in the North aisle)


SurnameNameSectionGrave No
PeakMarthaC22View Details
PearnCatherineB44View Details
PearnJohnC18View Details
PearnJohnB32View Details
PearnJohnB33View Details
PearnMaryB31View Details
PearnMaryB35View Details
PearnWilliamB29View Details
PearseEdmund TurnerE8View Details
PearseMaryD56View Details
PearseMary CarrileenaE7View Details
PearseThomasE53View Details
PearseThomasE54View Details
PearseWilliamE57View Details
PengellyRichardE2View Details
PenhallFannyF1View Details
PenhallWilliamF14View Details
PenhallWilliamF15View Details
PerkinWilliam JohnD57View Details
PeterEdwardE19View Details
PeterRichardF6View Details
PeterRobertE18View Details
PillahSarahD15View Details
PrierMarthaE47View Details
ProutMaryB9View Details
ReedHannah MartinD13View Details
RegerRichardD46View Details
RetallickThomas SargentA2View Details
ReynoldsElizabeth DaveyC12View Details
ReynoldsGeorge SleepC13View Details
RichardAnnD50View Details
RichardsJamesC4View Details
RichardsJamesB27View Details
RichardsThomas DingleD42View Details
RobertAnnE43View Details
RobertsElizabethB17View Details
RoddaJosephF24View Details
RoweMarthaC35View Details
RundleJamesD34View Details
SargentBeatriceD53View Details
SargentJamesD54View Details
SargentWilliamD43View Details
ScutterHenry WalterB25View Details
SleepElizabethE67View Details
SleepJohnE59View Details
SmetherhamJames TrehaneE34View Details
SmetherhamJohnE25View Details
SpearJohnB46View Details
SpearJohn WadgeE30View Details
SpearSusanna JaneD71View Details
StephensElizabeth Lovdy SkeltonE73View Details
StephensJohnE52View Details
StephensJohnE1View Details
StephensJohn MaynardD51View Details
StephensThomasD52View Details
StrikeJohannaF21View Details
StroudStanley DudleyD18View Details
TancockGeorge JefferyE72View Details
TancockJohnE60View Details
TinckThomasA4View Details
TorwayRobertD35View Details
TregloynSusannaD59View Details
TrehaneJamesE36View Details
TrehaneJaneE37View Details
TrehaneJohnE35View Details
TrehaneRebeccaE20View Details
TrehaneSampsonE38View Details
TrehaneSarahE9View Details
TrehaneWilliamE45View Details
TreleaseAbrahamC38View Details
TreleaseThomasD1View Details
TruscottAnnD36View Details
TruscottElizaD37View Details
TruscottElizabeth JaneD24View Details
TruscottJaneD27View Details
TruscottJaneD40View Details
TruscottNicholasD39View Details
TruscottRev JohnD25View Details
TruscottThomasD28View Details
TruscottWilliamD30View Details
VineWilliamD9View Details
VineWilliamD74View Details
VogwillSusanD65View Details
VosperGrace KittowE16View Details
WadgeAnstisE63View Details
WadgeEdward AdamsE55View Details
WadgeRichardD80View Details
WadgeWilliamE56View Details
WarneRichardF16View Details
WarneThomasF17View Details
WebbJohnD14View Details
WhallJonathonE69View Details
WhiteCharles HenryD20View Details
WhiteLottieD19View Details
WilleyHonorD66View Details
WilliamsJaneD29View Details
WilliamsThomasD64View Details
WilliamsonStanleyD32View Details
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