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St. Melor’s, Linkinhorne

St. Melor’s

The church stands at the South Eastern end of the parish, which is one of the largest in Cornwall and extends up on to Bodmin Moor, several miles to the west.
The name was originally LANKINHORNE or LANKYNHORNE – “the church in the corner” according to Bannister.
The dedication is to St. Melor, Mellor or Milonus, a son of Melianus, Duke of Cornwall said to have been martyred in 411 (he is shown with halo, sword and palm in a modern window in the North aisle)


SurnameNameSectionGrave No
DaveyMaryD81View Details
DaveyMaryInside Church4View Details
DaveyMaryD81View Details
DaveyRobertA14View Details
DaveyRobertA16View Details
DaveyRobertB21View Details
DingleAnnB37View Details
DingleJohnC3View Details
DingleJohnInside Church18View Details
DingleyJamesF4View Details
DingleyJamesInside Church7View Details
DingleyJohnE61View Details
DingleyJohnInside Church8View Details
DingleyJohnB15View Details
DingleyJohnE28View Details
DingleyJohnE29View Details
DingleyMaryInside Church2View Details
DingleyMaryE32View Details
DingleyWilliamE33View Details
DykeDr W R \'Bob\'D21View Details
EdwardsMary JaneD70View Details
EdwardsWiiliam CharlesD69View Details
ElfordIssacE24View Details
ElfordJohnE23View Details
EvansJaneE42View Details
FollyJohnD31View Details
FoottJohnInside Church5View Details
GarlandElizabethC23View Details
GarlandLucy PeakC34View Details
GiddySamsonC2View Details
GoodmanElizabethC1View Details
GourdEliza JaneD8View Details
GourdGraceD6View Details
GourdJaneD4View Details
GourdMatthewD5View Details
GourdSampsonD3View Details
GroseThomasinE14View Details
GumbMariaF54View Details
HarrisJosephF26View Details
HarrisMaryB6View Details
HarveyEdwardE46View Details
HarveyWilliamD67View Details
HatchMagC25View Details
HatchWilliamB47View Details
HawkeThomasA22View Details
HawkingElizabethD60View Details
HeadonJohn GordonD72View Details
HeadonJohn GordonD72View Details
HenwoodGeorgeE75View Details
HenwoodJaneE70View Details
HenwoodThomasE71View Details
HenwoodWilliamE68View Details
HenwoodWilliamE74View Details
HicksElizabeth JaneA20View Details
HicksReginaldD33View Details
HicksThomasE58View Details
HicksThomasD2View Details
HoarAnn EllenD68View Details
HoareJohnC31View Details
HoareThomas JohnC32View Details
HoareWilliamC30View Details
HobbsJosephC8View Details
HobbsWilliamB45View Details
HobbsWilliam Henry WadgeB42View Details
HockingJamesE39View Details
HooperThomasF25View Details
HooperWilliamE51View Details
HoreJohnD12View Details
JamesKeturahD11View Details
JefferyJohnE76View Details
JefferyRev GeorgeInside Church17View Details
JefferyWife of ThomasF8View Details
JefferyWilliamE77View Details
JefferyWilliamF7View Details
JefferyWilliamE5View Details
JenkinJohnD63View Details
JenkingIsaacF12View Details
JinkingRichardD78View Details
JobJamesD26View Details
JobJohn TruscottD38View Details
JohnRichardA1View Details
JollJohnInside Church19View Details
KellyThomasF38View Details
KempeAugustaC10View Details
KempeRev. Edward MarshallInside Church16View Details
KempeRevd Edward MarshallC11View Details
KempsonEric GeorgeD47View Details
KentWilliamE65View Details
KingdonMaryB38View Details
KittowDigoryE21View Details
KittowEdward PeterE27View Details
KittowHelen MoncrieffE15View Details
KittowJoanE48View Details
KittowMaryE12View Details
KittowRichardE22View Details
KittowThomasE11View Details
KneeboneEdvardusInside Church11View Details
KnightMary DingleE62View Details
LakeThomas PeakC20View Details
LandreyJohnD76View Details
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