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St Cleer General Cemetery

St Cleer General Cemetery DEDICATED on the 26th day of July 1864 to the use of various religious Dissenting Denominations in the neighbourhood and the Public Generally. PURCHASED AND WORKED by voluntary contributions and profits arising from the sale of Graves. MANAGED by twenty Trustees who are bound to present the accounts to an annual Meeting. If any time: profits above the working expences should arise. The public, and not the Trustees to have the benefit of the same.

Lat/Long: 50.489322, -4.467351


CHAPMANJohnA1020View Details
CHAPMANJohnA2419View Details
CHAPMANJohn TaylorA3812View Details
CHAPPMANThomasB1331View Details
CHIGWHIDDENJohnA195View Details
CHINNDorcasA328View Details
CHINNHarryA328View Details
CHIPMANBessie AnnA3812View Details
CHUDLEYThomasB04View Details
CLARKSarahA3220View Details
CLARKEAlbertB161View Details
CLARKEWilliam JamesA257View Details
CLEMENCEAnn SelinaC155View Details
CLEMENCEElizabeth HannahA241View Details
CLEMENCEJosephC155View Details
CLEMENSAnnA231View Details
CLEMENSJohnA2416View Details
CLEMENSMary AnnA2416View Details
CLEMENSWilliam HenryA231View Details
CLEMENTSAnnieC51View Details
CLEMENTSElizabeth JoyceC1819View Details
CLEMENTSLily JC155View Details
CLEMOBeatriceC622View Details
CLIFFMatildaA1215View Details
CLYMAMaryA1520View Details
CLYMOEmmaB1121View Details
COADWilliam AlbertA411View Details
COATHRose Gladys - (Stillborne)C1231View Details
COCKAnnC22View Details
COCKAnna VarcoeC1226View Details
COCKHenryA1420View Details
COCKJosephB118View Details
COCKJosephC22View Details
COCKMary HoneyB1110View Details
COCKMrsB118View Details
COCKNellyA211View Details
COCKNicholasB1111View Details
COCKRosinaB514View Details
COCKWilliamB117View Details
COCKINGAlfredC32View Details
COCKINGElijaC32View Details
COEKThomasB1112View Details
COLECharlotte MaudeA379View Details
COLEElizabeth AnnC1711View Details
COLEJohn BishopC1710 DView Details
COLEMabelC1710View Details
COLEMaryC422View Details
COLESamuel ThomasC2012View Details
COLEWilliam HenryC168View Details
COLEWilliam ThomasA379View Details
COLLINSElizabethA2718View Details
COLLINSGarfield Wilfred StanleyC1229View Details
COLLINSJaneC118View Details
COLLINSLonsdale Lionel RoyC1225View Details
COLLINSWilliamC118View Details
COLMERJohnA920View Details
COLMERMary Ann A920View Details
COMONSOliviaA339View Details
COMONSWilliam HenryA339View Details
CONGDONAlice AlbertaA2412View Details
CONGDONElizabeth GraceC1128View Details
CONGDONGeorge HenryC1611View Details
CONGDONIris MayA3310View Details
CONGDONMaryC1017View Details
CONGDONMary AnnC1611View Details
CONGDONMary ElizabethC1228View Details
CONGDONMyrtle AC1326View Details
CONGDONWilliamC1128View Details
CONGDONWilliamC1228View Details
CONGDONWilliam HenryA2412View Details
CONIBEARHarry JamesA394View Details
COOKMary AnnA3119View Details
COOKWilliamA33View Details
COOMBEJohnC132View Details
COONJohnB112View Details
COPPINHoskinA16View Details
COPPLESTONEGertrudeA93View Details
COREYIrene VivianC233View Details
COREYThomas HaroldC233View Details
COTTRELLWilliam JohnA356View Details
COUCHElsie PhyllisC215View Details
COUCHErnestine MyrtleC223View Details
COUCHFrederick CharlesC223View Details
COUCHHarryC222View Details
COUCHNorman AgarC215View Details
COUCHRaB18View Details
COWLINGAlbertC197 DView Details
COWLINGAmeliaA515View Details
COWLINGAnnieA3912View Details
COWLINGAnnieB1210View Details
COWLINGClaraC196View Details
COWLINGDorothy EthelA3616View Details
COWLINGElizabethC57View Details
COWLINGElizabeth JA718View Details
COWLINGEllenA517View Details
COWLINGEmmaA3912View Details
COWLINGFlossB05View Details
COWLINGFreddyC1810 DView Details
COWLINGFrederickA52View Details
COWLINGGeorgeC1210View Details
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